Proper maintenance of the Byrna launcher

Proper maintenance of the Byrna launcher is essential for ensuring its longevity, reliability, and effective performance in a self-defence situation.

One important aspect of maintenance is the lubrication of the internal seals and moving parts to ensure smooth operation.

Factors that influence the frequency of maintenance will be

  • the number of projectiles fired
  • the excessive time between uses
  • your environment.

Byrna offers two easy and simple methods for lubricating the internals of your Byrna HD/SD/XL launcher. By using one of these simple and easy methods, you can keep your launcher operating smoothly and reliably.

1. The first method involves using the Byrna Maintenance Kit

Before starting, release the magazine and unload any projectiles from the chamber. Remove CO2 cartridges. Use the provided brush to ensure the barrel is free of dust, powder or debris. Then utilize the supplied oil by placing the oiler guide into the CO2 chamber, inserting the oil applicator and squeeze the bottle to dispense two to three drops of oil.

Then insert a new CO2 cartridge and operate your launcher to disperse the oil throughout the system. For a more detailed explanation, refer to your user manual.


2.The second method involves using the Oiler-CO2 cartridge

Byrna CO2 - 8 gram or 12 gram

Provided inside every box of ten CO2 canisters ordered. The Oiler-CO2 is impregnated with oil and once used, the oil will disperse through out the system. CO2-oilers come standard for both Byrna 8-gram and 12-grams in every box. The CO2-Oiler functions as a normal CO2 Canister