Most licensed gun owners do not realize the responsibility they have when they carry a concealed weapon with them. The nightmare starts the day you pull the trigger and shoot somebody. Gun owners needs options when it comes to personal safety. It is critical to have more than one option and just as important knowing how and when to utilize them.

The statistics has proven that 99% of all altercations does not require any form of lethal response. When the use of force is necessary, your first option should be the Byrna SD less-lethal launcher. The Byrna SD provides the necessary stopping power to incapacitate the threat and not to kill.

When you use a firearm in the wrong situation, you can end up with jail time. One bullet has the potential to ruin two lives and a bad judgment call could risk the security of everyone you love and everything you worked for in a single trigger pull.

Hesitation can be fatal. By making a poor decision in the heat of the moment, in anger, brain fog when you just woken up or acting too quickly with a lethal firearm can change your life forever. With the Byrna SD there is no hesitation. The Byrna is an extremely effective, less-lethal solution that you can rely on with confidence.

We at Byrna are not against the firearm industry. We position our product in the market as a less-lethal solution that can deter a threat. We like to refer to it as another tool in the toolbox. It does not help that you only have hammers in your toolbox. Different situations need different options.

The Byrna SD is a CO2 gas powered less-lethal security device that shoots projectiles filled with chemical Irritants like Teargas and Pepper powder. The Byrna form factor is the same as to a semi-automatic pistol. It is simply and easy to use with no recoil. When the trigger is pulled in fire mode, the trigger mechanism simultaneously pierces the CO2 canister and shoots the first projectile. The Chemical irritant filled projectiles burst upon impact, releases the powder in the form of a chemical cloud that is inhaled by the assailant. The chemical irritant powder incapacitates the threat and disable his ability to continue with his intensions. Threats can effectively be deterred, disorientated and incapacitated at stand-off distances up to 20 meters.

The compact design allows for concealment and can easily fit into a handbag or backpack. The Byrna SD can form part of your everyday lifestyle, at home, work and outdoors.

The Byrna SD launcher is an option for safety conscious people who want to effectively protect themselves and loved ones. It also provides additional protective measures for homes, farms and businesses security.

Our mission at Byrna is to provide both civilians and law enforcement professionals with a safe and effective alternative to lethal firearms that will enable our customers to safely and effectively protect themselves, their family and their community.  

The Byrna SD is not a firearm and therefor it is immediately available, no permits and no licensing required to purchase.


The Byrna SD is available at most major gun retailers or you can Buy Online

For more information you can contact us at or 076 318 1862